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Record Warmth for Globe in June

The Earth’s average (mean) surface temperature in June 2014 continued a trend of record and near record warmth for each month of 2014.  May 2014 was the warmest May on record and each month except February has been one of the four warmest on record. Every month since February 1985 has been above the mean global temperature for the twentieth century. The mean for the full twentieth century is now used to report the temperature anomaly (variation from the average).  June 2014 was 0.72±0.09°C above the mean, 0.03°C above the previous record set in 1998 which was the warmest year on record. Read more at NOAA.

Monsoon to Cause More Flooding in Western Japan

Flooding to become more common

A new scientific report published by Nature presents data indicating that the warming of the East China Sea (ECS) is causing the July monsoon to intensify, causing increased flooding. Models also indicate that the monsoon is likely to extend into June as the ECS continues to warm. See more at “Impacts of a warming marginal sea on torrential rainfall organized under the Asian summer monsoon.”

First Half of 2014 Sets Temperature Record in California

California temperature records stretch California Record Temperature back 120 years and this is the warmest average (mean) temperature during that time.  At 58°F it was 4.8°F above the twentieth century mean and is 1.4°F above the previous record set in 1934.  This past winter also set a record in California even as the Midwest experienced below normal winter temperatures.  See more at Scientific American.